Hajar Group

Our group can contract with many Iraqi ministries ( like the ministry of transport, the ministry of communications, the ministry of Oil, the ministry of municipalities, the ministry of defense, the ministry of electricity as well as the ministry of tourism) directly by dealing with the ministry itself and to supply them with their needs from the best qualities in the world. Also we can deal with any company that would like to cooperate with our group in different trading and constructing projects with Contracts up to 250,000,000 euro of international bank assurances.

The recent and future investments


  • Hajar group works now in many trading and estate projects and it has many plans to invest in Kurdistan Region ( Erbil, Zakho, Sulaimainia, Kirkuk and Mosul) as well as other cities in Iraq in the following:
  • build tame farms
  • sunflower oil factories
  • minerals waters factories
  • build hotels in the sacred places ( Karbulaa & Najaf)
  • build hospitals in Baghdad and other Iraqi cities
  • build flat groups in all of the Iraqi cities
  • build large stores wherever our customers need them
  • construct factories of the cleaning powder, chemical industries, fertilizers and insecticides.